The Ultimate Lift Like a Girl Workout Template

First, let’s look at this template in its most basic, raw form.

The Lift Like a Girl Workout Template: perform three exercises (a lower body movement, and an upper body push and pull) for a total of 25-50 reps per exercise.

Here’s a sample circuit using that basic template:

1a) Squat — 4×8 (4 sets, 8 reps)
Rest 45 seconds
1b) Push-up — 4×8
Rest 45 seconds
1c) Inverted row — 4×8
Rest 45 seconds
Repeat the circuit 3 more times

Yes, that’s it. Three exercises each performed for a total of 32 reps (four sets multiplied by eight reps is 32). But don’t let the simplicity fool you. If you use proper exercises (like those shown above) and work hard (use a challenging weight or variation for the provided rep range), you’ll become a believer with the first workout.

Just like an ice cream sundae, this Lift Like a Girl workout template comes in dozens of tasty flavors, and you can add various toppings to suite your taste (more on these add-ons in a moment).

Now let’s expand on that basic template and make things ever better.
The Template, Four Ways

To best use the template it’s recommended that you hit all major movements (horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling for the upper body; quad and hip dominant exercises for the lower body) and include a mix of bilateral (using both legs or arms at the same time; e.g., squat or barbell press, respectively) and unilateral (using one leg or arm at a time; e.g., lunge or one arm dumbbell push press, respectively) training in your workouts. This can be accomplished by using four workout formats with the Lift Like a Girl template.

Workout 1

Bilateral quad dominant (e.g., squat)
Vertical push (e.g., barbell press)
Vertical pull (e.g., pull-up)

Workout 2

Single leg hip dominant (e.g., single leg RDL)
Horizontal push (e.g., push-up)
Horizontal pull (e.g., dumbbell row)

Workout 3

Single leg quad dominant (e.g., rear foot elevated split squat)
Vertical push (e.g., one arm dumbbell push press)
Vertical pull (e.g., one arm cable pull-down)

Workout 4

Bilateral hip dominant (e.g., deadlift)
Horizontal push (e.g., one arm dumbbell bench press)
Horizontal pull (e.g., inverted row)

The wonderful thing about implementing all four of the workouts above is that you’ll not only hit the major movements, but you’ll include a great mix of unilateral and bilateral training.

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