Summer break is so cool

Summer break is so cool 1

With summer just around the corner its the time to make sure those sunny schoolfree days dont pass us by lets make the most of this summer without blowing out the budget.

Summer break is so cool 2

A look back at summer break through the years ready for some retro fun in the sun.

Summer break is so cool 3

summer time summer time sum sum summer time okayi got into a little song there i guess knowing that summer is just around the corner has me excited.

Summer break is so cool 4

Get outside youve stayed inside all winter so get out your bike and go for a nice long ride grab a friend or two and go hiking go to the beach lake ocean for an afternoon of swimming and tanning.

Summer break is so cool 5

The nfls summer break presents the ideal opportunity for players to pursue individual passions and this year they lent a hand during a crisis josh norman got involved in local politics devin.

Summer break is so cool 6

Stopping the summer slide school may be out but learning is still in in adventures in summer learning youll meet parents teachers and researchers in washington dc detroit and boston who are discovering the best ways to keep kids engaged with learning during the long summer break and avoid the summer slumpthe research is clear that children who dont read during the summer.

Summer break is so cool 7

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Summer break is so cool 8

Exercising in the summer as at all times of the year by law your dog should be wearing a collar and tag with your name and address on it its also a good idea to put both your home and mobile phone number on the tag so you can be contacted immediately if your dog wanders off.

Summer break is so cool 9

This post was previously posted over at one sweet appetitei thought i would share it here for those who missed it over there this will make a perfect gift if youre kids are just ending the school year or if you have a summer party these would make a great take home gift for the kids as they are leaving.

Summer break is so cool 10